Student Directory


Directory Info in 7 Easy Steps!

1) HOW DO I OPT OUT? If you don’t want your student to appear in the directory, you must fill out the FCPS OPT OUT Form which can be found on the FCPS website, in the Opt Out section of the forms page: (Look for the High School Directory form.) This form must be filled out every school year. Please provide this form to the school office by the deadline stated on the form.

2) IS MY INFO CORRECT? Every family with an email address on file with the school or already existing in the directory database, EVEN RISING FRESHMAN FAMILIES, will receive an email in early October from the PTSA. This email will provide a unique and secure login name and password so families can check, change and verify their information. If you don’t have an email address on file with the school, a letter will be mailed to your home in early October giving you the opportunity to submit any corrections, if required. (Note: if the address is not included in your address book, the Fall verification email might land in your “spam” folder. Please check the spam folder in early October.)

3) SHOULD I INCLUDE MY EMAIL ADDRESS? Families can choose whether to “hide” or “show” their email address. “Hiding” the address ensures it is used only to access the Directory App, verify information, receive forgotten passwords and important PTSA emails. “Showing” the address allows it to appear in the printed directory as well as permitting other Oakton High families to view it through the app. (NEW THIS YEAR: Please note that family email addresses now will be “shown” until a parent takes the express action of “hiding” their address during the verifying process described in Step 2 above.) Email addresses are vital to the operation of our FREE DIRECTORY APP and verification of your data, so the PTSA highly encourages families to make them available (“hidden” or not) and keep them updated.

4) HOW DO I BUY A COPY? Please note that membership in the PTSA does not include a hard copy of the directory. Nor do you have to be a member to obtain one, but copies are only sold to staff member and parents of current students. Hard copies may be pre-purchased for only $5 at Cougar Kick-Off or either of the Back-to-School Nights or by ordering one on the PTSA’s All-in-One Form included in this packet. Hard copies arrive in early November and will be sent home with your student via a TBD class (which class is the decision of the school administration). After the initial delivery, any remaining copies will be sold at PTSA meetings or through the PTSA website on a first-come, first-served basis.

5) HOW DO I FIND THE APP? The Directory App for computers and smartphones is free for anyone with a valid email listed in the directory database and is accessible only by current Oakton families. Returning families can use their usernames and passwords from last year. New families will receive their username and password in the October verification email (see #2 above). If you need a refresher on how to access the app, visit and select the “forgot password” option. For instructions on how to download the app to your smartphone, please visit

6) HOW CAN I ADVERTISE MY BUSINESS IN THE DIRECTORY? Advertising options in the printed version and the app version continue to evolve. Those interested should contact Lori Mankin at 703-398-2120 or Additional information including rates for the various offerings can be found on the directory page on

7) HOW CAN I HELP? Parent volunteers are needed to carry this directory effort into the future. Volunteers are needed for: Sales & Distribution; Data Management & Communications; Data Verification; Hardcopy Prep. Only basic skills are necessary as AtoZDirectories provides the directory software. Contact Yvonne Scotto at to ensure the Student Directory can continue being published for future families. 

8) QUESTIONS? Yvonne Scotto, the Directory Committee Chair, is happy to answer any and all questions or concerns about the student directory in a timely manner. Her email is