Academic Boosters

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Take Kaplan’s New SAT or ACT Practice Tests at Oakton High School!

The practice test is proctored like the real thing, except your scores won’t go on record! Sponsored by the Oakton PTSA

Students will have the opportunity to take Kaplan’s SAT or ACT Practice Tests. Test participants will receive a detailed score report highlighting their personal strengths and weaknesses immediately after the test.                                                   

Great news — students will leave the practice test with their scores. They will need to bring a fully charged smartphone or tablet to use only after the completion of the test for scoring it. In order for the scoring to work properly, students MUST be registered for the practice test NO LATER than the Tuesday before the test.

If you have more than one student testing, please use unique email addresses for each student.

 Information about future test dates will be added soon.